Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Sunflower Paintings

Mrs. Smith's kindergarten class painted some beautiful sunflowers after observing them in the garden!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Kindergarten Garden Visit

Mrs. Smith's class visited the garden today to see the sunflowers. The kids were learning about sunflowers and were going to make sunflower paintings.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Getting The Garden Ready!

We cleared out a bunch of weeds in the paths today and put classroom numbers on each garden bed! While we were working we saw a little green frog.
We also put together our school composter.  This coming year some classrooms will try composting their snack leftovers. The garden is now ready for all of our Davis friends to come back to school! See you soon!

Friday, August 4, 2017

The Summer Garden

Though the Davis garden has some weeds, it still looks beautiful in the middle of the summer!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Ms. Petrocelli's Garden News

We visited the Davis School Garden today. The farmers of Room 231 were excited to find lettuce, radishes and parsley ready for harvest. We divided our vegetables into 20 small zip lock bags. You will need to wash the vegetables before eating or adding to a home salad. Students are aware that they may not eat any vegetables from the bag until they check with an adult at home.
We spent most of our visit weeding our garden bed. Our plan was to make sure the garden bed was ready for summer. We ended our visit by taking a walk around the garden. We noticed the bird houses, compost area (for weeds), garden shed , fence and water/hose area. Students are ready to take their families on a tour this summer.
You are welcome to visit the Davis School Garden this summer. Students may pick vegetables from our Room 231 Garden Bed. Our garden is the third bed on the right as you enter the garden area. Mrs. Marino ( our neighbor and a second grade teacher) has promised to keep an eye on our garden and water it often. 

You are welcome to water the garden during your visits. Students can show you the hose area. Please be sure that the hose is put away and the water is turned off after your visit. You will find a copy of our Davis Garden Rules in your child's yellow folder to help with future visits. We hope you enjoy our Room 231 Garden Snack! 
Miss P and Room 231

More Hose

We have added another 50 feet to our garden hose so every classroom now has the option of watering their garden bed with it. Mrs. Avis brought some friends out to give it a try!

Composting Poster

Mrs. Avis and some former second graders learned a lot about composting and created a poster for our school. In the fall a bunch of classrooms will have compost pails to collect materials for our outdoor compost bin!