Sunday, October 7, 2018

Pumpkin Exploration in First Grade

The first graders in Mrs. Harary and Mrs. Davies' classes explored pumpkins on Friday. They used their senses as well as other scientific tools to make and record their observations.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Getting Started in the Garden

Welcome back to school! We are fortunate to have a lovely garden at Davis consisting of 20 raised beds. Many classrooms have a full bed in which to plant while other classrooms share their bed. If you are interested in planting, take a walk out to the garden (behind our school) and find a class with a garden bed you can work with during the year. Classroom numbers are on the outside of each bed to make it easy to identify who it belongs to.

For planting help, ideas and fun please visit the slideshow below! Happy gardening!

Kids and teachers want to share our garden rules so everyone can help take care of this special place!

                                                          Davis Garden Rules


                                                   Always walk in the garden.
                                           Stay on the paths.
                                     Pick only with permission.
                             Garden only in your classroom bed.
                You can sit on the wood frames of the garden beds 
                                            but do not stand.
                                          Use tools carefully.
                            Put all tools back in the shed neatly.
                                 Weeds go in the compost bin.
                             Do not climb or lean on the fence.
                Plants in this garden are for Davis students only.
                            Birds are living in our bird houses...
                                   please do not disturb them.
                       Observe, measure, explore, discover, enjoy!


Davis School Garden

Our garden has flourished this summer-both in flowers and weeds! Looking forward to getting classrooms out in the garden again to clean it up and then plant for a spring harvest!

Friday, May 11, 2018

Second Grade Planting

Mrs. Arakelian's second graders worked in their garden bed planting and watering their beautiful flowers!

Raking Wood Chips

Mrs. Nocera's First Graders helped rake the wood chips in the garden paths.

Planting Day Lilies

Mrs. Shamon and Ms. Lua's classes planted day lilies around our school to help make it a more beautiful place!